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Tuesday, June 4, 10:30 AM

Final Update. I want to thank everyone again for all of the prayers we received for Hannah. Chuck is the pastor at our church, and his prayer from the beginning was that Hannah would be able to walk across the graduation stage. Last night, God showed us His power as Hannah walked across the stage. It was awesome to see the miracle that God has performed in her life. It was also really cool that her senior class gave her a standing ovation.
Hannah's last big hurdle is to get her feeding tube out. We were told it had to stay in a minimum of four weeks, and it will be four weeks this coming Friday.
Once she is past that, she will back to her "normal" self. She is able to look at what happened and see that God has a plan for her life. She is also able to look at what has happened and laugh about it. She still has her sense of humor, and she is still telling riddles. As we were backing out of the driveway the other day, I asked Hannah if it was clear her way. After I realized what I had said, I paused and said never mind, I will take a look for myself. We both had a good laugh.
I have created a mailing list of the people that sent notes to Hannah. Hannah is going to type an update, and we will email it to everyone. Because it is a mailing list, your email address will be kept private and will not be made available to everyone else on the list.
Hannah made the Cincinnati Enquirer paper today. Your can read the article by clicking here
I have had people say to me that they didn't know how I could have worked on this page while my daughter was in the hospital. Looking back, I don't see how I could have done it any differently. God used prayer to get Hannah through this ordeal. I figured if a picture of Hannah helped keep her on the minds of people that were praying for her, then I would put up a picture. Also, while Hannah was in the coma, we were trying really hard not to do anything to stimulate her brain, so we didn't allow anyone to go in the room and see her. I knew this was tough, and that was another reason I put the pictures on the web. One of my major sources of strength during this ordeal was knowing that other people were praying for us. Many people were not only praying, they were praying HARD (I think there is a difference). The morning after Hannah had the bad night, it was awesome to know that I could post an urgent request for prayer on the web page, and many people all over saw it and prayed for Hannah. I hope that somewhere down the road, I can be a part of a web site that does something like this for other people.
Although I have said it many times before, I really do want to thank everyone for all the prayers and support. Thanks!

Week 4 (May 17 - May 23) Hopefully the final week

Tuesday, May 21 8:30 PM
The girl is home and doing great!
I can't think of anything to add to that, other than Tammy and I celebrate our 20th anniversery tomorrow, and I can't think of a better present.

Monday, May 20 11:30 PM
The girl had a very good day. To see some pictures, click here. They removed the trach today! Hannah is EXTREMELY happy about that. Also, she ate about 75% of her breakfast. We didn't fair quite as well on lunch and dinner, but she did eat two chicken nuggets today, which is twice as many as yesterday.
There are rumors of her coming home this week, possibly even in the next couple days. Her voice is very faint right now, and I am stressing to her not to push herself. I have not talked with the doctor yet about her voice, but until I hear different, please give her some time (a few more days) to get her voice back. It is so cool to hear her talk again, even though it is a whisper.
I will keep this one shorter than yesterday. I think the pictures are worth more than 999 of my words...

Sunday, May 19 10:30 PM
I apologize for the frequency of the updates lately. We have been busy with Hannah and trying to get our lives back on track. Hannah is doing extremely well. Tonight, she walked from her room down to the waiting area, sat there for about 45ish minutes, and then walked back to her room. While there, she had many visitors. She loved everybody coming to see her, and I think it is some of the best medicine. She did ask me to apologize that she felt like she didn't get to talk to everyone there. She felt bad about that, but I tried to reassure her that right now, everybody wants what is best for her, and we don't want to wear her out. If it had been up to Hannah, she would have sat there until she fell out of the chair, but that wouldn't really do anybody any good.
Sometimes I forget that some people are many miles away, and this web page has been their primary source for finding out how Hannah is doing. Please forgive me. I have been so caught up in how good Hannah is doing, that I just assume everybody else knows. Hannah is able to eat some food now, but she has not really touched any of her meals either yesterday or today. It seems like the problem is that if she don't eat, they have to do the tube feeding. But, if they do the tube feeding, she ain't hungry, and therefore will not eat. They have done great with Hannah this far, and I trust they will get it worked out.
For Hannah to come home, I think multiple teams will have to "sign off" that she is ok to leave the hospital. I think Tammy told me that somebody from the Neuro team was in today, and as far as they are concerned, she is doing great, and I don't think they need to see her anymore. The trauma team is very happy with how things are going, and I think they will sign off that she can leave. The lady from therapy was in Friday, and I think they are going to see how things went over the weekend, and if they went well (which I think they did), they should sign off. I am not sure about the respiratory team, but they have said that she can go home with the trach. I think the biggest problem may be that she is not eating. I don't think they can send her home if she is still being fed from the tube. We should have better answers tomorrow, and I will try to update the site tomorrow night.
This is the week that I am going to try to get back to work. I was able to work a few hours last week, but I really need to get back. I am writing this to let you know that the updates will probably now come as quick. Thanks to everyone who followed Hannah's progress through the website. I have received a lot of feedback from people telling them how much it has helped them. I am so glad to hear that and I know it helped me to be able to do it. On that "black thursday" when things were not looking good, it was great to know that when I asked people for their prayers, many people prayed hard for Hannah. Thanks again for all your prayers.
I received mixed feedback about posting the emails. Most of the feedback asked me to post them, and I think that would be good, but I feel bad that I didn't ask in the first place. Since I didn't get the permission up front, I will not post the emails. However, a thought just hit me (as I was typing this), that I could put up a new page and let people type a public note. I know the emails have been extremely encouraging to me (and I have not read them all), so I think it would be good to have a public place where people can leave Hannah a note. I will try to get that done one night this week.
Sorry this update was so brief, but I better fly for now. :-)

Saturday, May 18 11:00 AM
This update is from Hannah
Hey all! Still dying of insomnia and boredom, and still can't talk. But I should be able to soon. And I should be able to go home soon!!! Yay!!! My Dad just informed me that (due to me) my poor neglected fish have died. But my cats' ok. So thats good. So life is good even when you don't know all of its twists and turns. I found out from Victor yesterday that Amanda is blaming herself for asking me for a ride home. I don't know why, I was the idiot driving so if anyone should hate themselves it should be me, which I considered doing. But I don't and neither should she. So anywho I'm alive and well (for the most part). And trying to have sense of humor on things, like the picture of my car w/ my dad's comments lol. So physical therapy is calling (which I need cause I'm weaker than a baby). Anywho,ttyl!

Week 3 (May 10 - May 16)
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